MAP Recruitment Group has a diverse list of clients from small accountancy firms to large multi-national engineering companies, but one thing they all have in common is the need for skilled professionals.

A lot of our clients will have their own network and advertising budget.  They will also have access to ever expanding social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.  So the question we ask ourselves is why do our clients keep giving us work?  Simple answer is we get great results that are worth paying that little extra for.

Whether you want to recruit an individual with a niche set of skills or you have a large number of positions to fill over a short period of time, at MAP we have various services and solutions that can be tailored to suit you and your requirements.

Our Services

Single Contingency is our most basic service, yet it still gets good results depending on the position and your timeframes.  For instance, if the position requires a niche set of skills in a competitive market then Single Contingency may not be the right level of service for you and your business.  On the other hand, if the position needs to be filled urgently, say within two weeks then Single Contingency could be a good option because typically it’s a quicker less detailed process.

Our Single Contingency service attracts active candidates, ie people who are actively looking for a new job.  After understanding the job brief, a consultant at MAP will search our database and advertise the job on the most popular job boards and social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  The consultant will then screen, interview and present the candidates that match the job brief.



  • Quicker process
  • No cost to your business until after the candidate starts employment
  • No obligation to using just MAP Recruitment Group
  • You are Likely to receive a higher volume of candidates
  • Lower fee


  • If you are using multiple recruitment companies, you will spend more time looking through CVs
  • If you only search the active candidate market then you are missing out on some of the best highly skilled professionals out there
  • Candidates generated are not exclusive to you or your business

Our Targeted Search service is our most popular because it achieves great results.  It’s also our most used service because unlike contingency, it takes up more time and resource that our clients simply don’t have.

Targeted Search is good for positions that require a niche set of skills that are not widely available, or where the geographical location of the position is causing problems.  We also advise using a Targeted Search for senior management positions based on some of the important factors that are involved at this level.

Our Targeted Search involves using our resources to tap into the passive candidate market.  A senior MAP consultant will be appointed to be your point of contact and they will manage the process from the initial brief to completion and onboarding process.  One of our research teams will also be appointed.



  • Proven to achieve a higher calibre of candidates
  • Your own dedicated MAP resource who are committed to filling the position
  • Weekly reporting, which gives you valuable market intelligence
  • MAP gives you and your business exclusivity to all candidates we present
  • No more CV sifting. You will only receive the best three or four candidates
  • Psychometric reports for all candidates presented, which helps with your interview process and questioning
  • Helps to improve retention rates


  • Part of the fee is payable to start the search
  • Overall the fee tends to be slightly higher than Single Contingency
  • Timeframes tend to be greater due to the amount of work carried out

Our Account Management Service is great for when you have a larger quantity of positions to recruit for within a set timeframe.  MAP will manage the campaign exclusively and although you will have one point of contact with a senior MAP consultant, you will also get dedicated resource for each position.

The majority of Account Management we do is with our existing clients that trust us to manage the whole process for them, saving them time and internal resource.



  • A more cost effective method of recruiting for a number of positions at once
  • You get a dedicated Account Manager and resource for each position
  • Once MAP have taken the initial brief, we manage the whole process through to onboarding of each successful candidate
  • You receive regular progress reports on each position that are clearly presented so you can report the information internally
  • You will gain market intelligence through the research we carry out
  • MAP are committed to filling all the positions within an agreed timeframe


  • MAP will be the sole recruitment company working on all positions, so your internal staff need to be made aware and not accept speculative CVs
  • A fee is payable to start the process
  • You need to be sure that all positions are signed off and there is commitment from your business to employ the successful candidates, or you will end up wasting money and resource

MAP believes that planning ahead and being more strategic when it comes to recruitment is key to achieving your company’s mid to long term goals.

A lot of companies have growth plans, or are looking to diversify into new markets.  Getting ahead of the curve and knowing what additional skill sets you will need is invaluable.

Our Talent Mapping Service helps you and your company understand your current skill gaps, and what needs to be done to close those gaps for the future.  It is all about succession planning and being more cost efficient with recruitment.



  • Helps you realise what skill gaps you have now, but more importantly in the near future
  • Highly cost effective mid to long term
  • You will get a detailed report from MAP which gives you market intelligence that includes salary surveys, geographical population of skill sets and more
  • You will have a clear plan of when and who you will need to recruit
  • Great if you are considering opening a new office but are unsure of location
  • You will have more assurance that you’re recruiting the best people in the market place
  • Gives your business that competitive advantage
  • Overall saves you and your business time and resource


  • There is a short term cost to your business
  • You and some of your colleagues will need to invest some time and resource at the early stages of the process
  • No one can predict the future, markets/industries fluctuate so this can devalue the talent mapping exercise if your business plans dramatically change

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