Do You Want To Reduce Your Recruitment Costs?

Do You Want To Reduce Your Recruitment Costs?

How much do you spend on recruitment each year?

A big proportion of companies don’t have a full grasp of how much money and time they spend each year on bringing new people into their business.


There’s the direct cost of your recruitment process itself i.e. advertising the job, man hours spent on the internal interview process, salaries of internal recruitment teams etc.  If you decide to use external recruitment companies then you will have their fees to pay.  Then there’s the cost of lost output while the position is vacant.  All of this needs to be taken into consideration, especially the latter when the average cost of replacing a member of staff is said to be £30,000.


Apart from improving your employee retention rate, and that’s a whole new topic, you need to be considering the most cost efficient way long term to recruit top talent.


Do you want to spend less on recruitment but still have assurance that you are recruiting the best people?


We at MAP Recruitment Group have the advantage of developing relationships with potential candidates long before you need them.  This is what we call Talent Mapping which is one of the solutions we offer to our clients.


Our Talent Mapping solution gives you the ability to react faster, recruit quicker, and overall reduce your recruitment costs significantly.  On average our clients save themselves £25,000 a year on recruitment fees alone by using our Talent Mapping solution.


The earlier you adopt these types of practices and solutions, the better you and your company will do in the war for talent.


For an informal chat about our Talent Mapping solution and how it can save you time and money, call us on 01606 631218 or email

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