The title of this post contradicts itself in some ways but they come hand in hand.


I have worked within the recruitment industry for over a decade and in that period of time I have seen plenty of change.  Social Media, Technology, Algorithms and large investment in internal recruitment teams are just some of the things I have seen develop over the years.


What won’t change anytime soon is the ever increasing and talked about skills shortage.  Companies are and will be finding it more and more difficult to find and attract appropriately skilled people.



Retention is Key!


It’s no secret that internal transfers or promotions have long been the most successful method of hiring.  Employees already know the business, the product, the processes; they have built friendships and gained loyalty and respect from their colleagues and customers.


Keeping good employees can be difficult, but the stats tell us that lack of advancement and promotion opportunities are one of the main reasons why employees leave companies.  Which means if companies can understand their employee’s goals and personal development plans, then they are in a position to help support that development; which will inevitably help retain their people within the business.  All sounds fairly simple!


But it’s not simple.  It’s difficult.  It’s very hard to support everyone’s career development plans.  In some cases his or her plan doesn’t involve their current employer or the structure/reach of the business means it can’t offer them what they are looking for.


This is where recruitment comes back into it.  Don’t think of retention as just an internal exercise put in place to improve the well-being of your current employees.  Think of it as an integral part of your recruitment process.  If you could align the company prospects and development with that of future recruits, why wouldn’t you?  If you could match a candidate’s drivers and motivations at the recruitment stage, why wouldn’t you?  If you could improve the chances of retaining your employees………. why wouldn’t you?


Finding people with the right skill set isn’t easy.  Add on making sure they fit with the business long term and being able to offer them the career advancement they are looking for makes things ten times more difficult.


Investing in your recruitment process will save you money in the long term; look at partnering with a professional bespoke recruitment company that can dedicate their time and effort into finding you good people that don’t just match your business now, but several years from now.


Recruit for the future……..


If you would like to understand more about how you can create a talent management program, recruit the best people,  engage your employees and increase retention levels,  please feel free to contact me on  or 07525 726716.

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